Common Questions About Bail Bonding:

1. What is a Bail Bond? - A bail bond by definition is "A written promise signed by a defendant or a surety (one who promises to act in place of another) to pay an amount fixed by a court should the defendant named in the document fail to appear in court for the designated criminal proceeding at the date and time specified". You are buying a guarantee that the defendant will appear in court each and every time he/she is ordered to do so by the court.

2.What if the defendant misses court? - In most cases, the bond will go into what they call forfeiture. Usually at that time an arrest warrant will be issued for the defendant and he/she will have to turn themselves in and possibly have to be bonded back out of jail. Each state has different laws and forfeiture regulations.

3. What are my obligations as an Indemnitor? - The Indemnitor is financially responsible for the entire bond amount until the court case is discharged. As long as the court case is discharged, the liability of the indemnitor is lifted. It is suggested that you, the indemnitor, also play an active role in the court case to ensure that the defendant attends court as requested.

4. Can I (the indemnitor) surrender the defendant back to jail?- In most states, yes. If you feel that the defendant may become a flight risk, you can have him surrendered back to jail and liability would be lifted. However, there may be additional cost to have this done and at no time will the premium be returned.

5. How much does a "Bail Bond" cost?- In Virginia, a bond is a minimum of 10%. Larger bonds may be handled differently. Bail Bond premium is non refundable.

6. What collateral, if any, will I need to post bail?- Most times, only a signature is required to post bail. This means that you will sign a contract that holds you responsible for the full amount of the bond. This is the least amount of collateral a bail agency will take. Depending on the size of the bond and the defendant past criminal history, additional collateral may be needed.

7. What forms of collateral do you take? - Our bail agents will use real property, cash, credit card, and possible some other forms of collateral in certain circumstances. It is best to call one of our bail agents to further discuss whether or not collateral is needed. Our number is (877) 688-2953.

8. If cash is given for collateral, how do I know I will get it back?- A collateral receipt is given when the bond is written. All bail agencies have to issues these receipts.

9. In addition, all cash or collateral given on a credit card, is held in a separate account just for this purpose.

10. What forms of payment do we accept? - We currently accept cash and all major Credit Cards. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call our office at (877) 688-2953.

11. Do you offer payment plans?- Payment plans are done on a case by case basis. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call our office; the number is (877) 688-2953.

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