The Bail Bond Process


Lee & Lee Bond agents are certified and respected throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and will guarantee a fast and satisfactory conclusion to your bail bond issues. Available 24/7, we are ready and capable to assist you in this trying time. Lee & Lee Bond agents will provide you a service that is 100% confidential, reliable, trustworthy and extremely cost efficient! Just give us a call today and talk with a "live" agent that can answer all of your questions.

1. How do you start a bail bond process? - The first step is to call our toll free number 877-OUT-BY-LEE and request a bail bond service. The agent will need some information from you in order to start the process and obtain the release of your loved one.

See our frequently asked questions page and please have the following information available for the bondsman if possible:

  • Name of detainee
  • Birth date of detainee
  • Location of arrest
  • Nature of arrest
  • Amount of total bail
  • Payment method and information

2. Once this information is processed our agent will begin the process of obtaining the release or your loved one. Expect release in a matter of hours, usually between 2 and 8 hours depending on the backlog if any of cases in that county.

3. Once your loved one has been released, the bond agent will continue to assist in a compassionate and caring manner by offering to help with travel arrangements if needed to bring your loved one home. Call today and find out how we can help you with all your bail bond needs!

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